The Working Group Marketing & Promotion has its main focus on marketing and sales strategy with special emphasis on trade fair coaching. Together with experienced partners we have developed a complete service package for SME's consisting of: market research, targeting and marketing consulting, each tailored to a company's individual challenges. The working group is therefore also a platform for companies with international business focus to share their experiences and views. Its pronounced goal is hence the creation of solid preconditions for companies with international aspirations.

Keyword Localization & Internationalization
On the example of trade fair participation: The primary goal of every exhibitor must be to stand out from the crowd and attract attention with its products. In advance of an exhibition more time and money needs to be invested in market research and sales planning. A detailed analysis of the conditions in the target market and its customers can prevent a company from drowning in a sea of similar products and the risk of a trade fair participation with no apparent result. This objective can be achieved, contrary to the beliefs of many companies, with smaller budgets by fundamentally improving the quality of their presentation. The key word here is "localization", i.e. to adapt to the realities of the target market. A structured and well scheduled marketing management with a long-term outlook before, during and after a trade fair will yield and deliver sustainable trade fair success.

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