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POLARCHEM-TechPolarchem is a British company, founded in 1965, and represents more than 40 years specialized cleaning systems for power plants and incinerators. Worldwide Polarchem has been very successful at special cleaners that make the shutdown of power plants for cleaning redundant, increase efficiency and significantly reduce emissions.

Cleaning and maintenance of the combustion side of refinery furnaces

In the past, it was normal to shut-down furnaces once a year, over the years shut-downs were made less frequently. Presently the aim is to shut-down every 5 or 6 years. This is possible with the Polarchem On-Line Cleaning method.
Cleaning and maintenance is required when fouling prevents. You got a optimal heat transfer. Fouling is due to incomplete combustion, poor quality fuel, inefficient burners and inefficient soot-blowers. Polarchem provides a flexible on-line cleaning method for all types of box or cylindrical furnaces with natural or forced draufgt, firing fuel oil only or togehter with gas. Radiation, convection and air heaters areas requiring cleaning. When soot- blowing is not effective, Polarchem will help. The deposits may be hard or humid, Polarchem makes the deposits soft and powdery. This enables the soot-blowers to remove deposits more easily.
Polarchem contains products which react with the majority of deposits. The products are a mixture of nitrates with homogenizers, catalysts and inhibitors, which chemically modify all the deposits, which become dry and friable and very easy to remove. The cleaning method is known as „soft cleaning“. It will be injected in the periphery of the flame. No direct hits on burners, flames, tubes, refractory or thermo-couples. No interfrence with combustion or damage to refractory and thermo-couples. Polarchem has a post combustion catalytic effect. As a useful operational aid, it can be used as cure or prevention. It can be injected manual or automatic.


Some good reasons for using Polarchem:        

Improve the efficiency of the furnace
Reduce fuel consumption
Reduce air pollution
Reduce sulphuric acid corrosion
Increase intervalls between shut-downs
Avoid unprogrammed shut-downs
Simplify the cleaning of the furnace during shut-down and reduce soot blowing
Improve the security of operation of the furnace by maintaining temperature and pressure limits


Polarchem is looking for a General distributor for China and now offers all services for power plants, waste incineration plants and companies.


Contact Details

Best Idea Consult Ltd.
5 Jupiter House Calleva Park
RG 7 8 NN Aldermaston, Great Britain

Phone: +49 175 224 28 79
E Mail: info(at)

Contact Person:
Andreas Feis (Director)

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