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LANTECH Informationstechnik GmbH

Branch of Trade: IT Infrastructure security


LANTECH-techLANTECH Informationstechnik GmbH was founded in 1995 and is providing IT Security solutions regarding infrastructure as a complex construction. This includes data protection in compliance with European and worldwide law as well as physical and logical infrastructure. Also the behavior of all employees should be considered as a relevant security issue.
LANTECH is providing trainings for

  • ISO certifications
  • Data protection certifications
  • IT Expert trainings and certifications
  • Security checks as a holistic issue
  • Physical redundant infrastructure in industrial environements

As a part of LANTECH Informationstechnik GmbH „Lantech Communications Europe GmbH“ is providing highly developed infrastructure solutions in industrial environments. Redundancy and security in a future grid is the most worth investment in the future physical and logical infrastructure.


- IT security projects for hedging and for logging
- Analysis of the internal and external traffic (Internet/Intranet)
- IT compliance projects in the banking and insurance sector
- Secure (VPN) connections from branch offices to the corporate headquarters
- SIEM projects (Security Information and Event Management)
- Safe school / Safe universities projects
- Projects for the protection of the IT infrastructure in general
- Projects in grid and plant protection for the industry (eg the nuclear industry)


- Market access to customers in the areas mentioned above
- Knowledge in the IT security market
- Contact partner: Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO) and enterprises with a number of employees greater than 50
- Presence at different locations in China, for example Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen etc.


Contact Details

Lantech Communications Europe GmbH
Philipp-Kachel-Str. 42a
D-63911 Klingenberg, Germany
Phone: +49 9372 50 95 9-96
Fax:    +49 9372 50 95 9-99

Contact Person:
Guenter Meixner (CEO)

E Mail: guenter.meixner(at)

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