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Which sectors are the focus?

Together we develop holistic and individual counseling approaches based on the specific requirements of your industry, quickly achieving measurable benefits and bringing added value. Our management consultants and experts have years of experience in strategically important projects and are characterized by conceptual strength and the power to put things into practice.

Example Environmental Technology & Energy Sector: To achieve sustainable economic growth, the Chinese government is increasingly focusing on "green technologies", which has won in importance among the topics of energy efficiency and conservation in bilateral cooperation. Germany is a highly sought after as conversation and business partner because of its leadership and extensive experience in the use of wind and solar energy. A permanent bilateral cooperation with China will be discussed. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in political and technical issues of wind energy use in order to achieve long-term successful development of wind energy use in Germany and China. A networking between experts and companies of both countries will promote this.

Example Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection: China faces constant threat of geological disasters. According to official figures, more than 320,000 geological disasters in China have happened since 1998, 14,000 people lost their lives as a consequence. The resulting economic losses are amounted to over 60 billion RMB. To counteract this situation, the country is currently working on efficient protection systems. The Chinese State Council formulated the goal to eliminate the risk of serious geological disasters and largely to minimize the damage caused by disasters and deaths. In this sense, it is necessary to establish by 2020 a comprehensive systems analysis, evaluation and early warning. In addition, appropriate arrangements for the comprehensive regulation and organization of relief should be taken in the case of geological disasters.

Altogether we concentrate on the following industries:

  • Industry 4.0 Applications and Internet of Things
  • Environmental Technology
  • Energy Sector
  • Automation and Robot Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Engineering, Vehicle Manufacturing, Naval Architecture
  • Medical Engineering
  • Safety, Reactor Safety and Disaster Management

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