China Market

SMEs go China: More and more German companies are increasing their presence in Asia, particularly in the People's Republic of China. This trend is evident not only in large companies, but by now also plays an important role in the SME sector.

It is exactly these medium-sized companies that account for about 90% of German technology. The Chinese markets are characterized by an enormous potential and rapid growth. They are still far from the point of saturation. According to official sources, in 2011 the country´s state-owned and large private companies have earned profits of 2.8 trillion RMB. Compared with the same period just a year earlier, this represents a growth of 28.3 percent. China is now the fifth largest investor worldwide. In 2010, China's foreign direct investment had grown to 67.8 billion U.S. dollars. That was over 40 percent more than the previous year and the trend continues.

Concrete assistance for the successful market entry in China

China Market

Consulting Services

Through our office in Shanghai, which is directly linked to the central management platform, "Shanghai International Technology Exchange Center (SITEC)", the German Technologies Center exclusivly provides access to...

China Market

Key Industries

Which sectors are the focus? Together we develop holistic and individual counseling approaches based on the specific requirements of your industry, quickly achieving measurable benefits and bringing added value...

China Market

Partner Network Asia

Cooperations: Our Asian partner network contains valuable synergies for your business future. The field of interaction between members from industry, academia, research institutions and other multipliers from practice...

China Market

Cultural Differences

Especially for German medium-sized companies, it is very difficult to orient themselves in the Chinese market and successfully close deals. Many German SMEs  want to exploit the potential...

China Market

Representative Office Shanghai

Your representative office in the vibrant business location Büro-, Konferenz- und Präsentationsräume für den erfolgreichen Markteinstieg in China At the location of our branch office in Shanghai, the German Technologies...

China Market

Business Directory Germany

Find your business partner Below you will find selected companies, which are recommended by the German Technologies Center. We deliver an insight into the profiles of Companies with their...

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