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The German Technologies Center (GTC) promotes the economic cooperation between German medium-sized companies with international companies looking for cooperation partners in Germany. The GTC as a politically independent and business-oriented organization, is a reception centre for Enterprises seeking advice for the mutual inclusion of business contacts, the goal-oriented development of new markets and the successful consolidation of international business.

From the Business for the Business: we are an active service provider for our members as well as external partners. We offer direct access to all relevant actors in the target sector and an effectively-designed, reliable knowledge and technology transfer.

  1. Range of services
  2. Duties and Goals
  3. Focus Industries
  4. GTC Bodies

Range of services

For successful development of international business relationships, strategies and solutions, the GTC offers in the respective working groups extensive services. These include i.a.:

  • >  Briefings on current industry issues
  • >  Standardized procedures for market development
  • >  Conceptual consulting and coordinating support for knowledge and technology transfer
  • >  Active marketing support
  • >  Industry-related training and seminar topics

Our services are brought to you by GTC in close cooperation with its associated partners. We focus particularly on support for a planned market entry in Asia, our network can also fall back on a large number of contacts in other regions. In our study groups specific issues are compiled and edited, which are important for the market research and strategic preparation for market entry. Individual coaches are available for advice including topics such as Controlling or trademark and patent protection.


Duties and Goals

We eagerly help to promote the development of a successful business relations between German, medium-sized businesses with international companies, who search for cooperation partners in Germany. This purpose is achieved in particular by

the the creation of a B2B-platforms between these various professional associations and their members (companies) and the close cooperation with relevant international organizations of various industries

the maintenance of representative offices in different countries as a drop-in center for German companies seeking business contacts in each country and for foreign companies that seek business contacts in Germany

the elaboration of recommendations and guidelines for a successful entry in the respective countries, based on the practical experiences of other companies

the systematic information on results achieved

the support and promotion of cooperation of companies, public institutions, universities, associations and chambers, and service providers in these areas by members will be supported and encouraged

the exchange of information with experts and institutions at home and abroad and to organize events, conferences, symposia, workshops or training


Focus Industries

With you together we develop holistic and individual counseling approaches based on the specific requirements of your industry, quickly achieving measurable benefits and bringing added value. Our management consultants and experts have years of experience in strategically important projects and are characterized by conceptual strength and the power to put things into practice. We concentrate on the following industries:

  • >  Industry 4.0 Applications and Internet of Things
  • >  Environmental Technology
  • >  Energy Sector
  • >  Automation and Robot Technology
  • >  Information and Communication Technology
  • >  Engineering, Vehicle Manufacturing, Naval Architecture
  • >  Medical Engineering
  • >  Safety, Reactor Safety and Disaster Management


GTC Bodies

The German Technologies Center e.V. (GTC) is organized as a politically independent and business-oriented association. Bodies of GTC are

The Management Board as the legal representative of the Association

Prof. Ulf Stremmel

Vice President
Benjamin Stengl

Executive Board
The Executive Board of the German Technologies Center will be elected by the Annual General Meeting. It directs the association's activities, has urgent decision-making authority, appoints experts, committees and the management of the association. The Board consists of the president, two deputies, a treasurer and the secretary. All board members are elected individually by secret ballot with function. 
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) with the following tasks:

Election and dismissal of the Management Board or individual members of the Management Board,

Acceptance of the annual report of the Management Board,

Resolution on the financial statements and the approval of the Management Board,

Approval of the budget and the setting of membership fees,

Constitutional amendments, adopting rules of procedure and all other matters submitted to it by the Management Board and to submit to the charter assigned duties,

Appointment or dismissal of members of an Advisory Board in accordance with § 12 of the Charter, unless pursuant to this resolution of the Management Board pursuant to § 8 para.6 of the Charter should be erected,

Dissolution of the association,

Determination of appeals on denial of an application or disqualification of a member by the Manmagement Board,

The choice of auditor.

The Annual General Meeting gathers at least once a year.

Advisory Board

To advise the Executive Board and building an unifying element to the events and project initiatives of the association, an Advisory Board can be formed. On the the basis of its knowledge the Advisory Board helps to fulfill the association's purpose. The Advisory Board advises in particular the annual work program and provides technical assistance to the Board.

The members of the Advisory Board are elected at the proposal of the Board by the General Annual Meeting. Members of the Advisory Board must not be members of the association. The number of Advisory Board members should not exceed 20 people. The meetings of the Advisory Board should take place at least twice annually, convened and chaired by the Executive Board.

The members of the Advisory Board are volunteers.

Association Office
The Administrative Office of the German Technologies Center e.V. is based in Berlin, Germany. 

Member Profiles

Banner-Netzwerke-2Learn more about selected member companies of the German Technologies Center. For more information on the activities of the companies do not hesitate to contact us. To become a member, please fill out the application form and send us the document. The form is available as a download. View Member profiles

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